Block the Vote.

RFK on Rachel Maddow. Worth watching....

Sounds like Colorado is the hot bed of voter purging right now...


Ollie Byrd said...

if this exit polling is like a huge obama victory, and they steal it again... won't the public outcry be massive???/

seems like this won't fly even if they try.

Mike said...

Which possibly brings us to:

On October 1, 2008, President Bush deployed a brigade -- which means three to four thousand warriors -- somewhere in America. We do not know where they are deployed though citizens have informally reported to me having seen military vehicles and troops in Georgia and Alabama. We do know that their official mandate according to the first report is 'crowd control' as well as action in the event of a mass civilian catastrophe. Initial reports described their technology 'module package' as involving Tasers and rubber bullets.

I know this seems incredibly extreme. I think it behooves us to be paranoid right now. My gut feeling is that this could still go up in smoke. Even Obama's guys today said they are worried:

Going into the final week, the Obama camp remains concerned about "a surprise...something coming from outside the campaign," as well as "complacency in the voters."

When 2004 was a repeat of 2000, was there a huge public outcry? Not really - why? Fool me twice shame on you fool me three times blah blah.

If there are doubts and shenanigans I don't think Obama will concede. But then the blood bath will begin.

Ollie Byrd said...

man, i know that some voter suppression is possible, but this naomi wolf stuff with the brigades seems really outer space.

kerry was a lame duck candidate, hence no one caring about his loss.

obama is a popular juggernaut.